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  • Communications PlatformConnect disparate devices and applications, ranging from plant control systems to enterprise information systems. KEPServerEX's industry proven communication server manages critical automation, facility, and infrastructure data.

  • OPC BridgingLinkMaster allows you to easily link data from multiple data sources, providing you with a simple means of integrating systems from multiple vendors into a single operational solution.» LEARN MORE

  • OPC RedundancyIncrease the reliability and availability of OPC Server data. RedundancyMaster facilitates connections to a Primary and Secondary OPC server on your systems network.» LEARN MORE

  • OPC .NET ClientSimple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an OPC client application. ClientAce's drag and drop controls or a full API, you can quickly OPC client-enable your .NET applications.» LEARN MORE

Kepware Big Data Diagram RGBKEPServerEX 6Components

Communication for Automation "OPC" Open Platform Communication

OPC Server Soft:KEPServerEX

Advanced Communications and Interoperability Platform


Communications Platform KEPServerEX
OPC Bridging LinkMaster
OPC Redundancy RedundancyMaster
OPC .NET Client ClientAce

KEPServerEX Options

Advanced Tag Option Advanced Tag Option
Local Historian plug-In Local Historian Plug-In
DataLogger Plug-In DataLogger Plug-In
Industrial Data Forwarder(IDF) for Splunk Plug-In IDF for Splunk
IoT Gateway IoT Gateway
OPC Alarms and Events OPC Alarms and Events
OPC UA Client Driver and OPC UA Server - OPC UA Tunneling OPC UA Tunneling
SNMP Agent Option SNMP Agent Option
Security Policies Plug-In Security policies Plug-In

OPC Router  IoT Data transmission platform

Data transmission platform that reinforces KEPServerEX


OPC Router is software with data input, processing, recording and output functions developed by inray (inray Industriesoftware GmbH, Schenefeld) in Germany.

The OPC Router replaces old communication channels – up to complete integration of PLC (programmable logic controllers), PCS (process control systems), SCADA, MES (manufacturing execution systems), SQL servers, label printers, email servers and ERP systems. The OPC Router as the central communication platform offers automated data exchange by integrating all systems and isolated applications from sensor to the cloud.
Continuous optimisation and automation of your production processes is the crucial factor behind the quality of your products, the efficiency of production as well as the success of your business.
KLEC is the general agency in Japan for the IoT data transmission platform "OPC Router".


Kepware & OPC Router Configuration

OPC Router is a software package that complements the Kepware Real-time Data Platform.

OPC Router Product Features

Data processing OPC Router 4 - Basic & Plugin
Data output OPC Router 4 - Excel ...
Data communication
Data transmission OPC Router 4 - Email、Printer ...

OPC Router Project Configuration Kepware(KEPServerEX)

Kepware → Excel   OPC Router 4 Basic
OPC Router 4 OPC
OPC Router 4 Excel
Kepware → MQTT   OPC Router 4 Basic
OPC Router 4 OPC
OPC Router 4 MQTT Plug-In
Kepware → DB    OPC Router 4 Basic
OPC Router 4 OPC
OPC Router 4 DB
OPC Router 4 SAP

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