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Connect your software and hardware systems with quality, easy to use, and high performing software applications from Kepware Technologies.


  • Communications PlatformConnect disparate devices and applications, ranging from plant control systems to enterprise information systems. KEPServerEX's industry proven communication server manages critical automation, facility, and infrastructure data.

  • OPC BridgingLinkMaster allows you to easily link data from multiple data sources, providing you with a simple means of integrating systems from multiple vendors into a single operational solution.» LEARN MORE

  • OPC RedundancyIncrease the reliability and availability of OPC Server data. RedundancyMaster facilitates connections to a Primary and Secondary OPC server on your systems network.» LEARN MORE

  • OPC .NET ClientSimple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an OPC client application. ClientAce's drag and drop controls or a full API, you can quickly OPC client-enable your .NET applications.» LEARN MORE

Kepware Big Data Diagram RGBKEPServerEX 6Components

Communication for Automation "OPC" Open Platform Communication

OPC Server Soft:KEPServerEX

Advanced Communications and Interoperability Platform


Communications Platform KEPServerEX
OPC Bridging LinkMaster
OPC Redundancy RedundancyMaster
OPC .NET Client ClientAce

KEPServerEX Options

Advanced Tag Option Advanced Tag Option
Local Historian plug-In Local Historian Plug-In
DataLogger Plug-In DataLogger Plug-In
Industrial Data Forwarder(IDF) for Splunk Plug-In IDF for Splunk
IoT Gateway IoT Gateway
OPC Alarms and Events OPC Alarms and Events
OPC UA Client Driver and OPC UA Server - OPC UA Tunneling OPC UA Tunneling
SNMP Agent Option SNMP Agent Option
Security Policies Plug-In Security policies Plug-In