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President's Message


Ever since KLEC was established, our company credo has been "Steady and Trustworthy". For us, this credo is not just a concept; it is a compass which guides us in everything that we do. At all levels of our organization, we strive to follow these principles every day.

Steady describes our company attitude towards doing business. Our goal is not to make easy gains or take shortcuts. Instead, we want to grow steadily, step by step as a result of careful planning and execution. We believe it is important that everything starts with a solid, dependable foundation. "Trust" is something which can only be gained through interactions with other people. We consider our most important mission to be building trusting relationships with all companies that we deal with. Without trust, we would not exist today and without steadiness, we would not continue to exist tomorrow. These two guiding principles are what define KLEC and will continue to guide our every action in the future.

At KLEC, we are passionate about our work and we constantly strive to strengthen our company by improving our speed, efficiency and ability to deal with all situations. We are determined to steadfastly face any challenges which may come our way. By following our credo, we have achieved numerous successes in the fields of machinery engineering, instrumentation engineering, software development and construction, both in Japan and internationally. As the business world becomes increasingly international, we expect that KLEC will see continued success and further expansions of our business activities.

Amazing things can be achieved through the power of continuity, and at KLEC we are working at improving ourselves little-by-little, each and every day. We make use of this power to contribute to society through doing work that only we can do. Looking to the future, I fully expect KLEC to have continued success.

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